is a charitable non-profit organization. It is the successor to "The Wightman Family Organization", one of several family organizations existing in different parts of the United States, England, and Canada.

The Wightman Family has a long history of family associations. Extensive research has been done in the past, several books have been written, and more recently many web sites have been established.


1. Establish a permanent Family Organization for the benefit of our own families, as well as our extended Wightman family.

2. Bring to all our family a knowledge of our ancestry (who we are and where we came from).

3. Share our family information and avoid duplication of efforts in research, correspondence, processing information, etc.

4. Make this information available to all that are interested.

5. Provide for family reunions.

6. Establish a family website on the Internet to make contact with our entire world-wide family.

7. Include a Newsletter to share family information, both current and historical.

8. Conduct research into our genealogical ancestry and histories of our family.

We invite you to join us.