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Wade Charles Wightman
1921 - 1999

It is with great sorrow that we mark the passing of one of the strongest advocates of the Wightman family. Through his books and contacts with the family, Wade accomplished a monumental work, which will be his eternal legacy.

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Who am I? Who are my ancestors, who was the first "Wightman"?

Where did I come from? Where did our early ancestors live? (It was not the Isle of Wight.)

Origin of our name.   Where did "Wightman" begin? What does it mean?

The Wightman Family Bible What is it? Where is it?   What is its significance?

The "Wightman Family Burying Ground" What is it? Where is it? Why should I go there?

Wykin Hall -- Our ancestral home? Does it still exist?

Edward Wightman, the heretic. The "untold" story  - " trumped up charges", a "stacked jury".

Our Abraham Lincoln connection (and our Benedict Arnold relationship).


"Wightman Families International" is a charitable non-profit organization. It is the successor to "The Wightman Family Organization," one of several family organizations existing in different parts of the United States, England and Canada.

Contact has been made with several family groups and many family members around the world, most of whom possess interest in learning more of our heritage, collecting and organizing family records, and perpetuating the Wightman name to our wide-spread family and descendants.

By combining our efforts, we can avoid duplication of efforts, increase our collection of information. By combining our resources, we can achieve overall economies in researching the unanswered questions in our history and making this information available to all, without cost, but supported by the contributions of those desiring to be part of our great work.

We are a large family and should be able to finance serious research without a large financial burden being placed on a few. Small contributions from many can do wonders.

Many of us know where the family originated - many do not (it was not the Isle of Wight). Few know where the Wightman name originated, but it is quite clear who first took the name. Where did he come from? Why did the ancestors of most of us come to America? Where did they live? How did they live? Where are they buried? Do we all know they story of Edward Wightman the Martyr? Do we know the whole story?

We hope to be able to work with these other groups to honor our family name, gather information - current and historical - and to further the research into our history and origins.